Products Manufacturing

Present exports to : France & Spain & Usa

Knitting capacity : 60,000 Kgs/Month.

Processing Capacity : 34,000Kgs/Month.

Production capacity : 90,000 Pcs per Month.

Work force : 250 Employees.

Total Area : 10,000 Sq.Feet.

Machine Make No of M/C
Flat lock PEGASUS& SIRUBA 18 No
Over lock SIRUBA &PEGASUS 43 No
Single needle JUKI & SIRUBA 52 No
Pressing Table SUNRISE 9 Sets
Stain Remover SUNRISE 2 Sets

This is where the yarn is converted into knitted fabric for garment manufacturing. The knitting process is even more elaborate with the circular machines, which knit with the utmost precision and flawlessness to give you exquisite fabrics.


We use only AZO FREE Dyes for our Garments to obtain the best quality for our customers


We Posses both Manual and Automatic Printing Facilities


We follow both manual and layer cutting method, which would vary according to the styles and fabrics

The garment stitching machines we use are imported from countries JAPAN, TAIWAN and KOREA. The machineries were imported from world best companies like JUKI, PEGASUS, and YAMOTA.

We follow strict quality control standards in order to assure the best of quality to our customers

We use vacuum table and steam boxes for the garment pressing purposes and the packing of the garments is done in a clean atmosphere.