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About Us

Bonheur Fabs is a leading manufacturer and exporter of knitted hosiery garments. The range of our productline, good quality, and competitive prices have made us one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in Tirupur,India.

Located in Tirupur, we produce a wide variety of fabrics and garments in Cotton, Cotton/Lycra, Polycotton, Cotton/Viscose etc for Men, Women, and Children. Our high quality made our customers happy and our products are moving well around the world. Our total production averages around 1 million pcs per year.

We are getting Yarn & Accessories from our quality suppliers after it is controlled by our Quality inspectors. In all our products we can make sure that you get the Quality you need at the best possible price. And our Quality controllers ensure that the garments are well made.

We are manufacturing all types of knitted garments to the specific needs of customers & high value garments with a top class quality. Since we are using our own Infrastructure,Sound Technology and Well Trained Professionals, we are quoting with our best competitive prices to make our Importers and other Customers, compete in the market. We satisfy all our customers with our consistant Quality..